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As someone who has battled with their weight for the past 10 years, I was immediately interested in Kim's Christmas Challenge! I have tried every fad diet, used exercise as punishment and have repeated this vicious cycle over and over. I fully expected to yet again give up and quit but I was hooked!! Kim explained the challenge and the instagram platform and it was affordable, really easy to access and one of the best bits was the WhatsApp chat with a fab group of likeminded people. I HAD to sign up to the Kimfitt Squad and hands down its the best thing I have done. Kim sends a motivational quote each morning, she sets a timetable for the week and all I have to do is turn up to my living room and activate beast mode! It is honestly addictive! I have lost over 1/2 stone in my first two weeks and actually managed to hold a handstand for the first time again in over 3 years! To quote Kim 'You never regret a workout!'. Get involved and let Kim help you achieve your goals!

Hannah, Surrey (kimfittsquad)

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I’ve been following Kim’s workouts since her original IGTV posts after being recommended her by a friend. I started the Christmas challenge and I was so impressed with her enthusiasm and how much I was actually enjoying it. It was just a massive bonus that I saw such a change within myself too both physically and mentally. I have been hooked and continued on through January and I can’t wait to see the changes this month. From a girl who hated the gym to now someone who looks forward to working out every day, that is all due to the positivity Kim radiates which is so motivating. She goes above and beyond for her clients constantly through messages and individual help with exercises and nutrition advice if they need it. I will tell anyone to start her program as she’s created a squad of lovely and supportive ladies, while also pushing us every week to be better.

Steph, Surrey (kimfittsquad)

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Kim is fab and her workouts are so much fun! She keeps me really motivated, every week there is new workouts and plenty of fun and variety. The live element makes me feel like part of the squad, but being able to catch up on Instagram later gives me lots of flexibility. She's always got a big smile on her face and she's my number 1 cheerleader through every workout and beyond. Can't wait to see what else Kim puts us through our paces with!

Louise, Sussex (kimfittsquad)

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  1. Since starting Kim's personal training sessions, I have really started to love fitness, which I never thought I would. I look forward to each session and am beginning to love the changes in my body confidence but also what these sessions have done for me mentally. I can't wait to keep working with Kim and see more progression! Thank you Kim!

Jane, Sussex

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